'Clayton Bites' in Clayton Heights

Tapas a la Canteen!

Fresh, local and convenient. Our Canteen Menu features easy bites for Brunch & Tie-Over times. Breakfast Sandwiches, Six-Bite Sammys, House Brewed Iced Teas & Cold Coffees plus Fresh Roasted Medium, Dark & Decaf Roasts.  
Join our site sometime for an event, we often feature special meals for the community during our cafe programs and shows. 

Grab 'n Go to wherever or, Sit 'n Chill in our down to earth cafe environment.


Green Egg & Ham Sammy      $4

Crispy English Muffin, Real Cheddar Cheese, Handcarved Ham, House Spices & Herbs to make that Green Egg, Yum! 
Double Meat +2.00

Bowl of Cereal + Coffee Combo  
$5 tax in

Mornin' Bean Sammy      $4

Crispy English Muffin, Chickpeas in a herb & Crushed Tomato blend with our Mushroom Medley, Greens. ​​Vegan
Add Real Cheddar + .50c

Rosemary Rocksalt Bagels    $2.25

Choose from brand signature Rosemary & Rocksalt, Everything or Multigrain.
Butter included
Add Fancy Butters +.50c
Add Cream Cheese +75c
House Oatmeals, Vector, Corn Pops, Fruit Loops, Cruncy Granola. Choose your Milk.
Double Size +2.00

Breaky-Bites to go with Brews  

Big Banana Bread with Butter, try toasted!
Pineapple Carrot Muffins
Trailblend Muffins
Assorted Fresh/Seasonals


Six-Bite Sammys         $3.30 Half       $6.00 Full

Handcarved Ham

Local Wholewheat Focaccia Bread, Handcarved Ham, Dijon, Strong Cheese, Fresh Greens, Hummus, Honey, Oils & House Spices.


Local Wholewheat Focaccia, Slow Cooked Mushroom Medley, Hummus & Havarti with Fresh Greens, Honey, Oils & House Spices.

Tuna Toss

Local Wholewheat Focaccia Bread, Signature Tuna Toss (Mayo-Free!), Havarti Cheese, Hummus, Herbs + Spices with Fresh Greens.

Ask us to Grill up your Sammy! Yummmy!

Plus Snacks, Cooler Drinks, Hot Coffees, Frappes, Smoothies & Custom Sodas!

YES, we cater and absolutely can work with you to provide formal/customized service for events. Contact us if you would like the spirit of Centric to feed your next gathering. 

Control Where the Kiddos Spend Your Cash with our Canteen Cards! 

We're actually really serious about this!

Are you paying for Snacks/Drinks/Meals and only hope that some of that spending is done locally and on some wholesome ingredients? Why not purchase a Canteen Card for your family and control where your cash goes!?

Using our Password Program, an entire family can share the same account. We have totally healthy menu items that are presented in a fun fashion here. Thank you for supporting strong healhty bodies & our local economy. 
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