'Clayton Bites' in Clayton Heights

Fresh, local and convenient. Our Canteen Menu features easy bites for Brunch & Tie-Over times and hey, it got us voted 'TOP 3 DELI' in Surrey, BC Readers Choice.

Our last day of Canteen Service at 18394 Fraser Hwy is Sunday April 28th


Tapas a la Canteen!


Bowl of Cereal + Coffee Combo  
$5 tax in

House Oatmeals, Vector, Corn Pops, Fruit Loops, Cruncy Granola. Choose your Milk.
Double Size +2.00

Breaky-Bites to go with  our Brews  $2.00-$3.00

Green Egg & Ham Sammy      $4

We keep a stock of Banana Breads, Muffins, Waffles etc. on the snack shelf
Crispy English Muffin, Real Cheddar Cheese, Handcarved Ham, House Spices & Herbs to make that Green Egg, Yum! 
Double Meat +2.00
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Mornin' Bean Sammy      $4

Crispy English Muffin, Chickpeas in a herb & Crushed Tomato blend with our Mushroom Medley, Greens. ​​Vegan
Add Real Cheddar + .50c


Six-Bite Sammys         $3.30 Half       $6.00 Full

Handcarved Ham

Local Wholewheat Focaccia Bread, Handcarved Ham, Dijon, Strong Cheese, Fresh Greens, Hummus, Honey, Oils & House Spices.


Local Wholewheat Focaccia, Slow Cooked Mushroom Medley, Hummus & Havarti with Fresh Greens, Honey, Oils & House Spices.

Tuna Toss

Local Wholewheat Focaccia Bread, Signature Tuna Toss (Mayo-Free!), Havarti Cheese, Hummus, Herbs + Spices with Fresh Greens.

Ask us to Grill up your Sammy! Yummmy!

Plus Snacks, Cooler Drinks, Hot Coffees, Frappes, Smoothies & Custom Sodas!

YES, we cater and absolutely can work with you to provide formal/customized service for events. Contact us if you would like the spirit of Centric to feed your next gathering. 
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