'Clayton Bites' in Clayton Heights

Our Food Service at the Centric Homebase is kept fresh, local and convenient. We feature a fantastic house salad, six-bite sammys, delicious meal sized soups and many side/snack options in addition to our full selection of 'Cooler Drinks', unique Loose Leaf Teas and our Famed Aeropress Coffees. Come September we'll be introducing a Breakfast Menu that includes Vegetarian and Ham Breakfast Sandwiches, Fresh Bagels, Muffins and more fun Cereal options! 

Come on by in a rush to utilize this healthy Grab 'n Go or, Sit 'n Chill in our down to earth, casual cafe environment.  
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The 'Clayton Bites' Menu

Control Where the Kiddos Spend Your Cash with our Canteen Cards! 

We're actually really serious about this!

Are you paying for Snacks/Drinks/Meals and only hope that some of that spending is done locally and on some wholesome ingredients? Why not purchase a Canteen Card for your family and control where your cash goes!?

Using our Password Program, an entire family can share the same account. We have totally healthy menu items that are presented in a fun fashion here. Thank you for supporting strong healhty bodies & our local economy. 
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YES, we cater and absolutely can work with you to provide formal/customized service for events. Contact us if you would like the spirit of Centric to feed your next gathering. 
Download our ​Catering Form Here!
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We're Still Growing!

Wanna know what Centric is going to serve up next?

The entire purpose for Centric Culinary Inc.'s existence is to support creative culinary ventures with a mission to connect communities in meaningful environments. Below is a list of our managed portfolios. We would also like to grow our Canteen-sized footprint into a full-service Cafe out of our Homebase Location. If you would like to support & watch us grow, the best thing you can do is come visit us during the 'good 'ol days' and keep engaged. We love it when community support is tangible beyond dollars spent! 
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